18 Paths Herbal Relief Rub

18 Paths Herbal Relief Rub

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18 Paths Herbal Relief Rub is a new generation topical pain relief formula Fast acting, long lasting, with 18 paths to relieve pain at the source.

It takes only minutes to relieve pain caused by muscle strains - repetitive stress injuries - bruises - sore joints - carpal tunnel syndrome - sciatica - gout - arthritis - knee, shoulder, neck, & back pain.

Can be very effective before and after strenuous workout programs.

A great alternative to the use of anti-inflammatory drugs

18 Paths Herbal Relief Rub has been evaluated and approved by Health Canada and issued a Natural Product Number (NPN) 80070368.

Only the best all-natural ingredients and standards are used to produce 18 Paths to safely help support and maintain maximum topical pain relief.

A great alternative to pills, it quickly and effectively reduces muscle and joint pain caused by inflammation due to a variety of causes such as:

*  Repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome
*  Contusions and bruises
*  Arthritis
*  Muscle sprains and strains
*  Quickly eases: Back pain, Knee Pain, Neck Pain, Foot Pain etc.


Created by necessity, proven over time 18 PATHS Herbal Relief Rub:

*  relieves pain at the source
*  applies easily
*  is non-greasy
*  absorbs quickly
*  contains effective skin conditioners
*  pleasant minty aroma disappears on drying
*  works in minutes - lasts for hours.